Noir A8 Stock Recovery

After the post on CWM recovery for Noir A8, some people asked me to post the stock recovery of Noir A8. Well here it is, it’s the one I obtained from the ROM dump of my Noir A8. Can be flashed to your phone just like you flash CWM recovery.

Here are the steps to flash the stock recovery on Noir A8.

  1. Download from here the stock recovery and extract. You will get a folder: stock_recovery_files.
  2. Open SP Flash Tool v3.1224.01 or any other version that you downloaded earlier from the CWM recovery post.
  3. Open SP Flash Tool. Click Scatter-loading, browse to stock_recovery_files folder which you extracted  in step 1 and select “MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt”. If any errors pop up, ignore them.
  4. In the list below, only select the recovery like you did for CWM. Make sure no other entry is checked!
  5. Turn off the device, remove the battery and reinsert. Without turning on your phone, click on download button in SP Flash Tool and then connect your phone in off state with a cable.
  6. If you already have the drivers installed, the progress bar will reach 100%. Then a timer will start and it will ask you to connect cable but do not detach the cable or do anything else. Let it finish.
  7. After the timer, another progress bar will appear and after successful flash, a green circle will be shown.

Now remove the cable, turn on your phone in recovery mode by pressing volume up and power button together. It should go into stock recovery rather than CWM recovery.

If you get some error after the first progress bar or during flashing, then perform the following steps. This method was found by Adeel Raj and posted in the comments of CWM post when the above procedure didn’t work on newer Noir A8s.

  1. Search for and install MTK Mobileuncle tools from Play Store.
  2. Place recovery.img file from stock_recovery_files to the root of your SD Card.
  3. Open Mobileuncle tools and choose “Recovery Update”. Select recovery.img that you earlier placed in the root of SD card and choose yes if it asks to use this recovery.

Reboot into recovery mode and you should see the stock recovery back again! :)

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