Lab Android Booting Up

Today w’ere officially launching the Android Laboratory — This website will currently aim to unite the Pakistani Android development community so that we can also leave a solid footprint in the Android world.

With the recent launch of low-cost, mid-range Android phones (like the Noir A8), smartphones have become more accessible to the Pakistani public. Although the masses still don’t have the luxury of smartphones, still the Android buzz has infiltrated into the Pakistani youth. The big brands get enough coverage and dev support but other capable platforms like MediaTek chipsets don’t have much support.

What we do lack is a dedicated support and development community of Pakistani coders/modders/enthusiasts. Sure there is xda-developers forum, but even there they have dedicated forums for U.S. only version of Android phones and the local brands (let’s say QMobile) or other Chinese brands don’t get much attention.

We aim to fill the gap. We need your help. We ourselves are students and other students, professional coders are more than welcome to contribute.

Although the aim will be OS development/modding, app development will also get covered.

Wish us luck! :)

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