YouTube Gets Unblocked in Pakistan

UPDATE: Height of stupidity!! After a few hours of unblocking YouTube in Pakistan, Prime Minister ordered again to block YouTube! It’s blocked again, no more accessible. SAD!

The wait is over! Finally YouTube gets unbanned in Pakistan. Last night Rehman Malik announced on his Twitter account that YouTube will be unblocked tomorrow. His claim was true. YouTube is now unblocked in Pakistan and the entire site is fully accessible. Not only the site loads, but videos too!

It was on 17th September 2012 that access to YouTube was blocked in Pakistan. An amateur anti-Islam video/movie titled “Innocence of Muslims” was uploaded to YouTube. YouTube declined all requests to remove it because according to the website, it did not violate any of the YouTube Community Guidelines.

Pakistani government, in a bid to protest, ordered PTA to ban YouTube and block all access to it. It also resulted in some unwanted behavior like Google Play and also getting blocked.

The move was not appreciated in the Pakistani blogosphere and majority of netizens. The general opinion was only the access to specific objectionable content should have been blocked, instead of banning the whole domain name.

YouTube, besides the entertainment and fun content, also has a huge stockpile of educational, religious and scientific content. It hosts many video lectures of prestigious institutes like MIT, UCBerkeley and many others. YouTube blackout meant access to courses, technical information and several different kinds of tutorials wasn’t available to Pakistani students and technology enthusiasts.

At the end, this latest move is very welcoming and we’re thankful our dear Interior Minister finally realized the need of unblocking YouTube.

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