Google Apps Custom Email No Longer Free!

Google Apps for business is a set of very fine, high-quality services being provided by Google to users ranging from individuals, small businesses to large corporates. It used to be free for a limited number of inboxes per account, but the free version of  Google’s custom email hosting is no longer available for new signups.

In a recent email to account holders, Google announced that they will no longer accept free signups for Google Apps, but the existing free customers will not be affected by this decision. They can continue to use the services free of cost. A sigh of big relief for me! But it surely won’t come as a good news for those who cannot afford the cost of custom domain email hosting and wanted to use GApps! The paid version costs about $5 per user on Google Apps.

Like Lab Android (this very site!), the free version is also used by many individuals who cannot afford to pay the cost of hosting custom emails either at GApps or elsewhere. Previously, the limit of email accounts for free customers was higher than ten, but we currently have a ten users limit.

Google Apps for business includes services like custom email hosting where you can use your own domain name to create email accounts like They can then be accessed normally using Gmail; some other addons like Google Calendar and Marketplace (called Google Extend) are also included.

I’m sure there will be many others too who’ll find this news disappointing. Were you looking forward to create a free account at GApps?

Please note that Google Apps for education and universities is still free and no such thing applies to it.

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