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SOLVED: Viber Robotic Voice on Noir Series QMobile

Viber robotic voice issue on Noir A6 / Noir A8 / Noir A10 phones is now resolved. Someone has found an alternative Viber version, in which there’s no echo/robotic voice bug. You need to download and install Viber version from here (on your own risk) to enjoy a bug-free Viber experience on QMobile Noir series phones!

This problem was faced by almost all QMobile Noir series users. I even contacted Viber’s support to notify them about this issue, but their response was not very positive as they said it was not possible for them to test every phone and optimize it. It was understandable, as they can’t have access to Noir series phones as well.

Also tried to fix audio bugs by using audio library files from other MediaTek (MTK) phones to fix Viber robotic voice issue, but it was again of no use. Some library files even caused bootloop! So, had to revert back. Also, I don’t exactly know who discovered this particular version by testing. If someone knows the original guy, please let me know to credit him.

P.S. The latest version of Viber still has the robotic voice issue, so you can’t have a bug-free experience with the latest version.

QMobile Noir A6 Stock ROM – Unbrick Your Device!

As the backup of Noir A8 ROM is already posted, LabAndroid now brings you the stock ROM of Noir A6!

It can help you restore and unbrick your QMobile Noir A6, in case it gets stuck in a bootloop or you have corrupted the system files. Included inside is the system partition backup, along with the stock boot image and CWM recovery. The entire ROM is pre-rooted. Backup was provided by Umair Arshad, so credits to him.

How To Flash Noir A6 ROM:

  1. Install CWM recovery for A6, if you don’t already have it click here.
  2. Download system partition from here. Extract via 7zip to a folder named “restore”.
  3. Download this zip file. Extract the contents (boot.img, recovery.img and nandroid.md5) to the folder created above.
  4. Place this folder on your sdcard inside: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/ so that all the files can be found in: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/restore/.
  5. Restart your phone in recovery mode by pressing volume up + volume down + power button.
  6. Choose wipe data/factory reset
  7. Go to advanced -> wipe dalvik cache.
  8. Go back again, then mounts and storage -> format /system.
  9. Go back to main menu -> backup and restore -> restore. Choose the folder named “restore”.
    OR if you don’t want boot.img and recovery.img to be changed, skip step 9 and go to 10.
  10. Go back to main menu -> backup and restore -> advanced restore -> restore /system. Choose the folder named “restore”.

Restart the phone. You should have a working and stable Noir A6 now! :)

(Updated) ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery for QMobile Noir A6

ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery QMobile Noir A6

NOTE: If your phone is in working condition, you can follow the below procedure. However, if it is bricked or only goes into recovery mode, follow this procedure to flash CWM and ignore the procedure below.

1: Download “MTK mobileuncle tools” application from Google Play store or click here. If it is giving error on Play Store, download the APK from here and install via a file manager.

 2: Download CWM Recovery and copy it to the root (root means to the main directory) of your SD card. (Sdcard2.)

3: Open MTK Mobileuncle tools and select Recovery Update, search for recovery.img and select it.

4: Click ok and then cancel on the following prompt. Now you have a working CWM recovery for Noir A6.

Note: To get to recovery mode, turn off your phone and hold vol up + power button for a while. Or, try this if it doesn’t work:

  1. Press and hold volume up + volume down + power button at the same time for a while when you see this screen:
  2. Press volume up once and then home soft touch button. You will get into recovery.

Noir A6 ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery

Some good news. CWM recovery has been ported to work on QMobile Noir A6. Let me remind you that Noir A6 is based on MediaTek MT6575 chipset (or maybe another variant of it, since it doesn’t have 3G modem) and runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Credit for this CWM recovery image of QMobile Noir A6 goes to Umair Arshad (umair.arshad06 [at] He was kind enough to test it on his Noir A6 and reports it is working fine. If you need any help in flashing it or encounter any error, please leave a comment.

Procedure To Install CWM Recovery

WARNING: Performing this procedure in a wrong way may brick your phone. We shall not be responsible for any damage. Always keep a backup!

  1. Make sure your phone is rooted. If you haven’t done so, click here to root your Noir A6.
  2. Download CWM recovery for Noir A6 from here. Extract the archive, place recovery.img file on root of your SD Card. It also has scatter file for Noir A6, in case you want to use SP Flash tool.
  3. Download MTK Mobileuncle Tools from Google Play and install it.
  4. Open Mobileuncle Tools, grant it superuser permissions and choose “Recovery Update”. Select the recovery.img file from SD card and let it do the job.
  5. Turn off your phone and restart in recovery mode to see if CWM shows up.

To open recovery mode:

Press Volume UP + Power button

If it doesn’t work, do this to open recovery mode (discovered by Qasir):

  1. Press and hold ( volume up + volume down + power button ) for a while when you see this screen on your device:
  2. Press volume up once and suddenly press Home Soft touch button. You will get into recovery.

So that was it! Please report below if it works for you too!!

You can also use the SP Flash Tool method in case if it fails. Scatter file is included in the above file of step 2.

GUIDE: How to Root Noir A6

After the rooting tutorial of QMobile Noir A8, here’s a guide on how to root QMobile Noir A6. I don’t own this phone myself, so it was not possible for me to test this method but thanks to “Qasir” in the comments below, who tested and reported his findings. The results are positive. Here are some details:

QMobile A6 is built upon the MediaTek MT6575 chipset and running Ice Cream Sandwich. It has a 1GHz ARM Cortex CPU, PowerVR SGX 531 GPU and 512MB RAM. The rooting script by bin4ry that I used on Noir A8 works on Noir A6 as well, perhaps because both the devices have the same ICS.

Here are the steps to root Noir A6:

  1. Download this file. It has the rooting script and drivers. Don’t worry, the folder name is Noir A8 but works on A6 too. Extract the archive.
  2. In your phone, go to Settings > Development options. Set USB debugging ON.
  3. In settings, go to Security > check “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Connect your phone with a cable to PC. If you don’t have the drivers installed, it will ask for drivers. Manually install them from the folder Noir A8 USB ADB drivers.
  5. Now disconnect the cable and turn off your phone. In off state, connect the cable again. If you don’t have VCOM drivers, it will prompt for them; navigate to A8 preloader VCOM folder and install the drivers from there.
  6. Turn on the phone and make sure it is in USB Debugging mode. Connect the cable. Open the folder “Root_script_by_Bin4ry_v15″ and click RunMe.bat. Choose normal mode and follow the prompts.

You should now have a rooted Noir A6. Check for SuperSU app in the app drawer and enjoy! :)


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