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OPPO Coming to Pakistan!

OPPO is one of the biggest and among the most reputed brands of smartphones from China. It has been a key player in the Android smartphone market in China, but now, it has also started spreading its footprint to the entire world. There are indications that OPPO has landed in Pakistan and will be launching commercially soon!

OPPO is aiming to go global and compete with the big boys; it needed a different strategy, an ingredient which makes it different and unique from the competition. They have managed to do just that! One of the notable features of OPPO smartphones is it ships with its ColorOS, which is a modified version of Android OS. The best thing? Users can easily install CyanogenMod as well on theses phones!

Techies and enthusiasts love the ability to customize their smartphones; after-all, that’s what the ‘smart’ should do in a ‘smartphone’. 😉

High-end OPPO phones pack a good punch as well, they’re not short on any sort of processing power. For example, the OPPO Find N7 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 system-on-chip with an integrated Adreno 330 GPU. The much-hyped OnePlus One smartphone is also launched by OPPO’s ex-employees. However, it does not come under the company umbrella.

What all of this means for Pakistan? More options for smartphone users and benefits to the national economy! We welcome such technological giants to Pakistan. There is immense growth potential for the still unsaturated smartphone market in Pakistan. The benefits can be reaped by both–smartphone manufacturers as well as Pakistanis. :)

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