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QMobile Noir i7 Stock ROM

Here’s the pre-rooted stock KitKat 4.4.2 ROM of QMobile i7.

It’s a flashable ZIP file, you can flash this by booting your phone in recovery mode. Flashing will wipe your data and system so make sure to make a Nandroid backup before proceeding with this.

Download link:

This requires a custom recovery like CWM, so if you don’t have one, head over to this post.

Steps to Flash Noir i7 Stock ROM using CWM Recovery:

  • Place the downloaded ZIP file on your SD card.
  • Boot into recovery, perform a factory reset.
  • Format system.
  • Navigate to SD card and flash the ZIP file downloaded earlier.
  • Reboot phone.

Steps to Flash Noir i7 Stock ROM via SP Flash Tool:

Following are the pre-rooted image files you can flash via SP Flash Tool, it’ll restore your system to how it was when brand new.

Download: QMobile-i7_Stock_image


  • Load the included or your own scatter file.
  • Check the required box and give location of the flashable images. Android (system.ext4.img), Recovery (recovery.img), Bootimg (boot.img).
  • Click download and after that connect your phone to computer without battery.
  • Once the process completes, SP Flash Tool will show a green circle/tick mark.
  • It’s now safe to boot your phone.


  • Rooted.
  • Google Play/Services fixed.
  • APNs fixed. (Now mobile data (2g/3g) will work out of the box.)

QMobile Noir i7 Root

So here we go guys today i’m gonna tell you how to root your Qmobile Noir i7.

Disclaimer: This might void your Warranty (but its qmobile :p) or do something which you don’t want. No one will be held responsible if anything takes a wrong turn.

Things you Need:

If you Can’t figure how to install the drivers follow this method (Here).


First of all install PDA net, Enable usb debugging on your phone and connect it (in USB Storage mode) with the computer follow the setup accordingly so that it can install the device drivers. Disconnect your phone from the computer after this

Unzip SP flash tool, run it (as administrator) and select the Scatter file which you downloaded earlier. Check only recovery box and double click on the location of the recovery, now select the CWM recovery from where you downloaded it and press the download button.(don’t close SP tool)

Remove the battery and connect your phone with the computer(without battery). Now SP tool will flash CWM recovery to your device, after done it will show a green tick mark like this.

Disconnect the Phone, insert battery and Press Volume up + Power buttons as soon as you see Qmobile’s logo release the Power button, it will take you into the recovery. First create a full Nanaroid backup. Now flash from the Sdcard which you have downloaded earlier. after its done reboot into system. Your Phone is Rooted.

Create full Backup(including IMEI/NVRAM) with MTK Droid Tool.

Now the phone is Rooted but its running a Secure adb(secure kernel) so MTK Droid Tool does not work unless it has root shell access.

So we’re gonna Flash Unsecure Kernel/boot. Download the unsecure boot and Repeat the above process but instead of recovery, check BOOTIMG and select its location and hit the download button. Remove the battery and connect phone with the computer.

open MTK tool and connect your phone now it has root shell access. Backup IMEI/NVRAM and also create a full backup of your phone just in case.

All Done!!! Enjoy your Rooted device and try not to flash anything which is not meant for your device.

Let me know if you found any bugs

Need a Pre-rooted Stock ROM, head HERE

GUIDE: Huawei Ascend G510/Y300 [Unlock, Recovery, Root]

Disclaimer: I’m or any other person related to this is not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. This most likely will void your warranty.

Huawei Ascend G510/Y300 (Code names of u8951/u8833) is available in different variants around the globe, this guide is most likely universal.

Before doing anything you should first install/Setup ADB Here then install Huawei drivers Here

If you don’t wanna download the whole SDK and just want to use only adb and fastboot command then follow this:

1- Download This, unzip it and you’ll get Adb_fastboot folder

2- Hit windows key and type cmd now right click on cmd and click copy, now paste it to the Adb_fastboot folder which you recently unzipped.

3- Now open the same cmd.exe which you copied in the Adb_fastboot folder and type adb or fastboot if you see list of command then from now on you can use adb and fastboot command but only from the cmd.exe in Adb_fastboot folder.

4- Now follow the rest of the Unlocking procedure.


Huawei and almost all mobile brand manufactures there cell phones with Locked Boot loaders so no one can mess up with it but they also give you methods to unlock it.

Steps to unlock the bootloader…

  • Follow this Link to get you unlock code, it usually takes 3 to 5 days. You will get email like this..


  • Now follow this link to unlock your phone.

let me explain it in simple word

First make sure ADB and drivers are installed.

  • Turn on your Phone in Fastboot mode by using Power+Vol down combination, press these buttons for atleast 10 second

  • Now connect you phone to the PC. Open command prompt and type “fastboot devices” , if you get some numbers with fastboot like this it means your device is connected to your PC in fastboot mode.

  • Type this command with your unlock code “fastboot oem unlock xxxxx” (xxxxx is your device unlock code) then enter. Now your device should be unlocked
  • If you want to check whether your device is locked or unlocked type “fastboot  oem  get-bootinfo”, enter.

  • Done
Alternate Method to get Bootloader unlock code:
You can use DC-Unlocker tool to generate unlock code.

CWM and TWRP both are available for Huawei G510/Y300 now its up to your choice what you wanna use.


TWRP (Kra1o5)

Official Links of where the developer will upload all new versions and changelogs: (Download Latest version from below links)



Flashable Zip’s 2.6.33

G510, Y300


CWM v6.0.4.5 by Dazzozo (Both Y300 & G510):

u8833 (Y300)

Image: recovery-clockwork- 7,884 KB – MD5: fb6f8a81822770e0711291eae85fca0d
ZIP: 8,127 KB – MD5: ec48ba863a585e4af3857d1b754f4cc5

u8951 (G510)
Image: recovery-clockwork- 7,884 KB – MD5: 490cfde79c20185f48cacc1c64b9ad74
ZIP: 8,127 KB – MD5: 8d4e1e907b963357b9c6d7331a253bd5

(Recommended only for 4.3+ ROM’s, its not backward compatible)

  • To flash recovery.img boot your phone in fastboot, enter this command
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img 

The CWM/TWRP flashable file can only be flashed with a custom recovery.

Go into recovery by pressing power+vol up for 10 seconds


After you unlock your phone and got a custom recovery Root access is now just finger tips away. You just need to flash any of your favorite Super user app.

Koush Superuser  (Recommended)



Put one of the zip file in sd card go to the recovery then flash, reboot.
Now finally you have an unlocked rooted phone with a custom recovery, through which you can flash custom ROM/kernels but always make backup before doing anything.


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